April 8, 2017

April 8, 2017


This catalog of photographs, descriptions and culture information will help native plant gardeners with plant choices and design considerations. Literary resources used in assembling some of this information are available here.

Alphabetical Listing

New York Aster

Symphyotrichum novi-belgii

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Hydrangea quercifolia

Obedient Plant

Physostegia virginiana

Oxeye Sunflower 'Summer Sun'

Heliopsis helianthoides

Partridge Berry

Mitchella repens

Passion Vine

Passiflora incarnata

Piedmont Azalea

Rhododendron canescens

Purple Coneflower

Echinacea purpurea

Purple Lovegrass

Eragrostis spectabilis

Rattlesnake Master

Eryngium yuccifolium

Red Buckeye

Aesculus pavia

Red Cedar

Juniperus virginiana

Red Columbine

Aquilegia canadensis


Cercis canadensis